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ILSP Series

Product Name:

Cylindrical - Level Sensor


Product Features:

Change-over: ILSPS2

NO or NC *: ILSP2, ILSP8


Product Specs:

Housing: Cylindrical - Level

Max Pressure: 0.6 Kg/cm2

Dimension (mm): 44

Material: Plastic

Connection: Silicone cable

Degree of protection: IP 68(cable output IP67)

Operating temperature: -25° to +100°C (-13° to 212°F)

Approvals / Marks: CE


Product Brands

Wireless Remote Switches

LED Lights

Surveillance IP Cameras

Microware AP Antenna

Network Tools & Equipments

Fire Detection & Alarm System

UPS and Power Supplies

Scanners and Turnstiles

Air Conditions


Product Partners

Access Control System

HD Surveillance Camera

Remote Lighting

Fire Alarm

Biometric and Card System

Electric Fencing Products

Access Control Automation

Fire Alarm