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Product Name:

2 Reader Controller


Product Features:

  • Full online and offline operation
  • Supports for 30,000 active credentials, 30,000 PIN codes, 128 access groups, 128 access areas, 128 time zones, 64 holidays and 32 NG Smart Links for automation
  • 20,000 nonvolatile, FIFO, records the event log while offline
  • Expandable with MD-IO84B I/O expansion for additional 8 inputs, 4 outputs OR the MD-D02B
  • 2-Reader expansion for additional 2 readers with
  • 4 inputs, 4 outputs
  • Real-time clock with super-cap holds power and keeps RTC real-time clock for up to 2 weeks when total power loss (no batteries to replace)
  • Supports wide range of Wiegand reader formats, PIN keypad formats, and logic options to support wide range of locks, deadbolts, electric strikes, maglocks, and sliding doors

Product Specs:

  • 2 Doors - Dry form c relay contacts rated 5A at 30 VDC.
  • 2 Reader Ports - Weigand or Clock and Data with tamper and LED
  • 2 REX Inputs - High impedance supervised, programmable for NO or NC, NO default
  • 2 AUX / Door Inputs - High impedance supervised, programmable for NO or NC, NO default
  • 2 AUX Outputs - DRY Form C relay contacts rated 5A at 30 VDC.
  • 30,000 Users
  • 20,000 Events - Up to 20,000 events stored on board when not connected to PC
  • MD-D02 Expansion  - 2 door expansion may be added, may be networked with up to 32 more panels on an RS-485 network. AxtraxNG supports up to 32 networks for a maximum of 1023 panels.
  • RS485/TCP-IP Connectivity - Max length of drop; RS485 2000 using 22ga STP 120 ohm cable, TCP-IP (ethernet) 330 for CAT5e or CAT 6.
  • 128 timezones - 128 timezones or weekly schedules with 16 segments or events per day
  • 90 - 265VAC Power Supply Voltage - A 6 standard NEMA power cord is supplied with the panel, packaged inside the enclosure
  • 300mA - Up to 300 mA at 12VDC available to power readers directly from controller board.
  • 2.0A @ 13.8 VDC - Supply current for locks,; Up to 2A at 13.8 VDC available to power locks
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