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RGC Contactor

Product Name:

RGC Solid State Contactor


Product Features:

- Product width ranging from 17.5mm up to 70mm

- Rated operational voltage: up to 660 VAC

- Rated operational current: up to 85 AAC @ 40°C

- 18000 A2s for the I2t and 1200 Vp blocking voltage

- Control voltages: 3-32 VDC, 20-275 VAC (24-190 VDC)

- Design according to EN/IEC60947-4-2, EN/IEC60947-4-3, EN/IEC62314, UL508, CSA 22-2 No. 14-13

- Integrated voltage transient protection with varistor

- 100 kA short circuit current rating according to UL508


Product Specs:

Control Voltage : 3 - 32VDC

Connection : Screw

Rated Operational Current : 20 - 30 AAC


Product Brands

Wireless Remote Switches

LED Lights

Surveillance IP Cameras

Microware AP Antenna

Network Tools & Equipments

Fire Detection & Alarm System

UPS and Power Supplies

Scanners and Turnstiles

Air Conditions


Product Partners

Access Control System

HD Surveillance Camera

Remote Lighting

Fire Alarm

Biometric and Card System

Electric Fencing Products

Access Control Automation

Fire Alarm